The Centre coordinates, executes, co-funds and supports programs, projects and activities in the scope of the following five result areas:

  1. Effective regional sustainable energy promotion agency created and efficiently managed
  2. Tailored sustainable energy policy and regulatory support frameworks created and implemented
  3. Capacities on various sustainable energy aspects strengthened and applied
  4. Knowledge management, awareness raising, advocacy and networks strengthened
  5. Investments in sustainable energy projects and businesses mobilized and implemented

The activities which are implemented by the Centre are defined in the annual work plans which are subject to review by the Technical Committee and approval by the Executive Board. The Centre mainly undertakes software interventions which will finally lead to hardware investments. The set objectives and indicators for each of the result areas are available in the ECREEE Business Plan.

Moreover, the Center provides the following services to different local and international clients:

  • Develop and implement a coherent regional sustainable energy policy framework and facilitate its implementation on national levels;
  • Develop, coordinate and/or execute regional programs and projects with other partners and mobilize funding; 
  • Operate as key entry point for the implementation of international funding to mitigate climate change in the energy sector (e.g. UN, GEF, IBRD);
  • Provide co-funding for demand-driven programs and projects executed by the private and public sector or civil society in the region (e.g. call for proposals and tenders);
  • Develop and implement a regional framework for capacity development in the sustainable energy sector and organize train-the-trainers workshops;
  • Strengthen networks between research and training institutions in the ECOWAS region;
  • Update and provide sustainable energy information and data for investors;
  • Think tank, lobbying agent and advisory platform for sustainable energy in West Africa; 
  • Networking and co-organization of conferences, forums and workshops;
  • Facilitate north-south and south-south cooperation for knowledge and technology transfer;