ECREEE-GIZ Technical Assistance Facility for Grid-Connected RE Projects

ECREEE and GIZ are jointly implementing the regional project “Improving the governance of the RE and EE sector in West Africa (AGoSEREE-AO)” which is financed by the German Cooperation and the European Union. Among other things GIZ is assisting ECREEE to:

a)            Support the development of grid-connected RE projects with the potential of becoming important projects through technical assistance (TA) and,

b)            Document and disseminate the experiences with grid-connected RE projects in West Africa.

The latter includes existing or ongoing projects that have been or are being implemented without ECREEE/GIZ involvement.

The ECREEE/GIZ team working on the Facility is cooperating with a pool of international short-term experts including technical experts for different technologies as well as legal and transaction advisers.

The objective of the facility is to support the development of grid-connected utility-scale projects with capacities of 1 MW and higher promoted in any ECOWAS member state or Mauritania. It can provide flexible, demand-oriented technical assistance covering a diverse range of aspects of project development to public and private project developers as well as other stakeholders involved in potential flagship projects. Potential beneficiaries include

  • private promoters of IPP and PPP projects with a proven track record;
  • public promoters of PPP or government/utility projects;
  • public institutions and utilities who have to negotiate a PPA or approve an RE power generation project;
  • public institutions who want to conduct a competitive process for selecting private promoters of RE power generation projects.

Only projects promoted by credible companies and institutions will be selected.

The nature of the support will depend on the nature and the status of the project but will rarely exceed 20 expert days with 1-3 country missions (if required). Once the eligibility of the project is confirmed and the need for support is clearly defined, the TA can be mobilized within a short time period.

For details on the facility including the application process and contact details please download the overview document below.