Opening ceremony of the International Fair of Cabo Verde with the Prime-Minister of Cabo Verde, Dr. Jose Maria Neves

The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – ECREEE is participating on the 19th edition of the International Fair of Cabo Verde from November 18th to 22nd, taking place in the city of Mindelo, Cabo Verde. This fair, according to the organizers, is a very important instrument to facilitate the internationalization process of the Cabo-Verdean economy.

Under the motto “Cabo Verde, the platform for business with the world”, the fair is organized to strengthen measures for the internationalization of the Cabo-Verdean economy and to path the way to place the country as one of the main facilitators in terms of taxes, logistics and services for a greater dynamism of the business sector and for economic growth.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Jose Maria Neves, Prime-Minister of Cabo Verde stressed the importance of such events and also highlighted the role of the private sector to the growth of the Cabo Verdean economy. Mr. Neves also highlighted that it is very important to create a favorable environment to stimulate external investment.

Over 100 expositors from many different sectors are present to the event. As stressed by Mr. Joarel Barros - Programme Officer at ECREEE in his interview to the National Radio, the presence of ECREEE at the fair is very important and it gives the opportunity to share the work being done by the Centre not only in Cabo Verde but also across the ECOWAS region. The fair also serves the purpose of establishing new contacts and explore cooperation opportunities.

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