ROGEP Forum in ECOWAS Member Countries

The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency ECREEE has embarked on series of workshops in member countries designed to sensitize the general public about the ECOWAS Regional off-Grid Electrification Project (ROGEP). The workshop seeks to create awareness and share information on ROGEP with national stakeholders.

ROGEP was designed by the World Bank and ECREEE to increase access to sustainable electricity services in the ECOWAS region especially for households, commercial enterprises and public facilities. The project aims to provide technical assistance in improving off-grid market ecosystem, support financial service providers to electrify households and commercial enterprises and support service providers to electrify public institutions.

According to experts, two national workshops will be held in each ECOWAS member country including four Sahel countries. The first workshop will set the tone for the implementation of the preparatory phase of ROGEP, and the second one to be held next year will highlight the results of the preparatory phase of the ROGEP and discuss the way forward.

The national workshops will discuss the situation of standalone solar systems, (solar home system, Pico solar systems, productive uses of energy and electrification of public institutions in the country). The forum will brainstorm on viable business and financing models and existing barriers to private investment in the electrification of public institutions.  Delegates will also dilate on the different roles of key stakeholders and how to enhance collaboration for an improved business environment.

The forum is expected to bring together participants from the   public and private sectors, financial institutions, development partners, donor agencies, civil society organizations, NGOs and the media.

ROGEP national workshop is part of series of similar forums to be held in all the 15 ECOWAS member states and 4 Sahel countries under the theme: Promoting Private investment in the Standalone Solar Systems in West Africa and Sahel. Four ECOWAS member countries namely Guinea Conakry, Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso already benefited from the workshop.